West Coast Theory

Brye (USA) is asking, in a comment on this blog, for an “approximate meaning” of the term “Ars Industrialis”.

As you can see, “Ars Industrialis” is not translated, neither in french, nor in english, or any other language.

For me, the meaning of the term is well enlightened when compared with the formula of Adorno “Kulturindustrie”. In french, frequently, including the translation of Adorno, Kulturindustrie is translated by “industrie culturelle”, which is very bad, or worse, “les industries culturelles”, taking off all the critical potential of the expression.

Ars Industrialis is something like the opposite, the adverse direction of Kulturindustrie’s one, a direction that goes from art, spirit, culture toward industry, against the tendency and the world where industry submits them.

But Ars Industrialis, the association, insists on the importance of com-position with industry. Opposition is with this tendency of submission of spirit by industry, not with industry itself or in general. We must work with industry. From this other point of view, “Ars” keeps here its traditional meaning of technè. We are interested by technology, its cultural contents, and the way peoples socialize with.

That is an approximate answer. Surely other members would give a different explanation, but I don’t think to be too far of the central idea.

English language resources from Bernard Stiegler: