Some facts about the reception of A Hacker Manifesto, the book of Mc Kenzie Wark, in France.

The book has been translated in french and published in 2006 fall by Aliette
Guibert, Critical Secret. As a material object, it is very different of the one
published by the Press of Harvard. A sort of paved stone, without folios, only
the numeros of the thesis. The plain idea of a manifesto, the style of counter –

Well sustained by Baudrillard, a few months before his death, the publication
draws a Technikart‘s presentation of Mc Kenzie Wark as “le penseur du mois”
(thinker of the month)…

Since Paul Mathias has given a selection and remix of the text in Philosophies
entoilées, N° 55 of “Rue Descartes”, a publication of the College International de

Cahier Critique de Poésie has published my review of the book in his 14 issue, October 2007.
In 2007 November, Kenneth Mc Kenzie Wark was invited by Place Publique,
Marseille, for a three days meeting around “Hacker Culture, Free Culture”.

You will find here my paper for the first meeting, as well as the article in CCP.